Partial Spatial Awareness

Yesterday Tilly and I had our first show of the year. It was with Leinster Dressage at Killossery Lodge Stud. This one was a big one for us, only because it was the debut of the double. This was the big test, could a double keep her under control? Could it stop the silly spooks... Continue Reading →

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Autumn means the end of the summer season and usually a break till the winter competitions kick off. Use this break from competing to go back to basics! Work on those transitions that loses you a mark everytime. Get those halts square. Or work on your straightness! Perfect the simple things and the harder movements... Continue Reading →

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Little Bit of Magic

It’s been what, near two weeks since the last little update? So here we go again - update time! Greenogue got cancelled so missus has to wait till this Sunday to get her 2019 debut. We’re entered both elementary tests this weekend with Leinster dressage. I really want to crack elementary this year. Want to... Continue Reading →

Short but Sweet

  Right so again it’s been a while since my last update. Now I do have two very good reasons for this this. Firstly: I’ve really not been up to much that’s worth repeating, and secondly: I started my new job or should I say my first proper job. I now hold the title of... Continue Reading →

My horses always get a sugar lump as soon as the bridle goes on and another once mounted up. This helps to get them mouthing much quicker and resulting in a lovely foamy soft mouth.

5 Things To Be Proud Of

So the wonderful Rhea Freeman started a #takefive Instagram challenge but with a twist. The twist was to share five things you’re proud of before the 31st of December, aka before the new year. I started this challenge on Instagram but hit a brick wall after day two. Why was that? Well its hard to... Continue Reading →

CT 6

Well its been a month and a day since my last update, which was my Dressage Ireland National championships round up. So what have I been up to for the last month? After Cavan Dave had a little mini break before I started concentrating on his jumping, you know seeing as I want to event him... Continue Reading →

Nationals Round-Up

So last month I was taking part in Blogtober, if I may say so myself I was doing quite well with this challenge! That was until disaster struck in the last week, the unthinkable. My phone died a noble death. How did this effect my blogging? You’re surely thinking that a laptop is easier to... Continue Reading →

Blogtober Day 15 – Photo Diary

The blogotober challenge for today (day 15) is a photo diary of your week. Last week, Dave came back into work after his week long break after a hard few days at the national Championships. So I had two ponies in work again! The week started with a lunge for both munchkins on Tuesday, as... Continue Reading →

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