Cross Country Time with Sarah

Its update time! Last Tuesday I attended a cross country clinic kindly organised by Davina Gray on behalf of North Leinster Region of Eventing Ireland. None other than Sarah Ennis herself was giving it. I obviously did this with Dave, Tilly’s eventing career has not been reborn from the ashes like a glorious phoenix. It’s... Continue Reading →

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The Wild, Wild West

At the start of this month I took a few days off work and headed out West for the Wild Atlantic Dressage Festival. This was a two-day Championship show that was the brainchild of Simone Hession – for those of you who may not know her, she is an Irish dressage rider and trainer who... Continue Reading →

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Trakehners of Death

The last update I gave was just after our first EI100 at Tatts. Since then Dave has completed another EI100, so let’s start there. We had our best eventing dressage of the year, this was mainly because he was so relaxed meaning I could push and ride him. Whilst still not exactly balanced in the... Continue Reading →

Four Out of Four

Its update time! So what have I been up to since my last post? Well not a whole lot, mainly just recovering from the Home International (click here to read more about this!). This has involved lot of sleep and a wee break for missus but as of last week she’s come back into work... Continue Reading →

Home International 2019

As some of you may… or may not know, Tilly and I were picked to represent Ireland at the British Dressage Youth Home International. This took place on the last weekend in July and was held at Arena UK in Lincolnshire. In order to be selected you had to put yourself forward and attend training... Continue Reading →

Fool Me Once…

Monday update time! Excuse the lack of an update last week, this was due to competing Monday. Who doesn’t love a bank holiday Monday! Last week was extremely busy, for various reasons. It started with YRDP (Young Rider Development Pathway) training on Sunday. This consisted of warming up under guidance, aimed at making the most... Continue Reading →

Full steam Ahead

Time for a Monday update! On Friday I gave a little update stating that I was having a lesson on Saturday and then a competition in Greenouge on Sunday. Unfortunately the lesson was cancelled, but probably for the best giving the wind was quite strong and I was certainly not looking forward to driving in... Continue Reading →

Fine Italian Wine

It’s currently mid-morning on a Friday and I’m already dying to get out of work for some pony playing, the weather may be dreadful but I’m so excited for the coming weekend and the one to follow that. Why is that? Well it’s competition time again and missus is in flying form. Let’s rewind to... Continue Reading →

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